The Iron Whisk is currently offering pick-up and OUTDOOR TABLE SERVICE ONLY. We will not be offering indoor dining through the remainder of the year due to our extremely small dining room and super high volume of diners, as well as staffing and operational logistics of the limited capacity inside the building.


We are taking extra steps to ensure the safety of our staff, guests and community during this difficult time. We have upped our  already strict cleaning and sanitation practices. Our staff  members wear masks, and gloves are worn and changed with frequency. Our outdoor dining set up is properly distanced. And we have made the choice to use some compostable tableware to help minimize the volume of dirty dishes being brought back into the restaurant. We are also consistently sanitizing between guests. These are all heightened measures we are taking to ensure that we can continue to be open, and to maintain a level of public health safety that allows us to serve so many of you a day.


We ask that diners adhere to social distancing guidelines by staying 6 ft away from other dining parties. Please wear a mask when you arent able to socially distance and when you arent eating or drinking. Masks will be required to enter the building to use the restrooms. Please help us in maintaining a safe and healthy atmosphere for our community and those we love. And please be respectful and kind to our staff and to the other diners. 

Heres a little insight into how things have changed for us here at The Whisk:

Each morning that we are open, we convert our parking lot into an outdoor dining option. We carry out multiple heavy tables, a hostess podium, umbrellas, pop up tents, loads of hand sanitizer, sanitizer tubs for the reusable tableware that we do have and about 50 chairs. We carefully set this all up so that tables are at least 6 ft away from other tables and so patrons entering are able to socially distance. Then we sanitize it all. We have outdoor stations where used dishes are deposited and sanitized before being brought back into the building. And everything is sanitized between diners. Every day at close, this whole setup is sanitized, broken down and brought back inside.  This is really the only way for us to accommodate the amount of hungry brunch goers while being as safe as possible. 


We understand this is not ideal for anyone. Its not ideal for us either. Its brutally hard on our staff and our business. It takes significantly more labor and money to operate this way. However, we are doing our absolute best to bring you the fruits of that hard hard labor! We hope that The Iron Whisk that many know and love can be here to stay as we navigate the undulating currents of this crisis. We’re so glad to have a community that continues to support us.  Thank you! 


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