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The Iron Whisk is very small and gets extremely busy. We do not accept reservations due to our limited seating and high volume of patrons. Customers must be present to put their name on the waiting list. LARGE PARTIES ARE NOT RECOMMENDED, as parties over 4 may experience substantial wait times (often over an hour) on the weekends.  Generally, the larger the party, the longer the wait time. Some areas of our dining room will only seat 1 or 2 people, which means that individuals and couples may be seated before larger parties, even if they put their name on the list after the larger party. Please respect the limitations of our space and have patience with our hosts as they work hard to get you seated. During extremely high volume times when wait times are well over an hour, we may stop taking names by 1pm or an hour before closing time. Parties more than 2 people should aim to arrive before 1pm on weekends to ensure the wait list is still open.


We do not split guest checks, so we ask that patrons plan accordingly to help us ensure an efficient flow of service.

We hope everyone can have a chance at a wonderful Iron Whisk dining experience!  Thank you for your understanding. 

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